The related provincial experts of pressure vessel paid a visit to our company

Update time: 2012/3/1

Two experts paid a visit to us on Mar. 1st, 2012 by Mr. Cai Shanxiang--secretary-general of Pressure Vessel Branch of CMES, and Mr. Sun Zhen’an--deputy chief engineer of Fifth Academy of Weapon Industry, Professorlevel senior engineerand executive director of CECA.

From the left: deputy chief engineer Liu Huaide, Yan Fuzhen, chairman and general manager Liu Xibin, expert Cai Shanxiang, Sun Zhen’an , consultant Shao Baochang, chief engineer Zhang Jian.

The experts had an informal discussion with us.


Workshop of expansion joint

General Manager Mr. Liu introduced the raw materials of imported stainless steel sheet to the two experts.

Two experts took a careful look at our products: oxygen lance nozzle.

Two experts exchanged views with company engineers.

The experts visited our Testing and Inspection Center.

Having a discussion in the reception room.

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