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   Corporate Spirit & Concept

   1、Quick response and emphasize steps & results: encourage resolutely work style

   2、Feedback: all employees are equally to get results ASAP and feedback to him (her) when being asked for assistance.

   3、Internal communication: encourage all employees to utilize every chance to discuss for a common idea.

   4、Information transfer:all the company’s decisions, stipulations and notices should be conveyed to every one ASAP.

   5、Team cooperation: oppose the clique, propose cooperation relationship.

   6、Study and make progress: propose that “one is never too old to learn”, create a learning atmosphere for all employees.
                The company is a learning team.

   7、Conscientious for work: propose to work earnestly & carefully, refuse careless & hasty attitude.

   8、 Promotion: encourage employees to positively get promoted, refuse the words of “make do, maybe & almost”.

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Company’s Monitoring System

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