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Tuyere Stock Assembly


Tuyere stock assembly is another main product series of our company. This product needs higher requirements in design and manufacture due to its important applying position. It not only requires suitable optimal design for the structure according to operation condition, but also needs higher requirements for high temperature resistance refractory. Therefore, we set up an experienced engineering team to carry out the refractory process and take the test for the intensity and heat resisting quality for every batch of refractory.
Our company pioneered to adopt the most advanced cyclone oven to dry the refractory. The temperature is fully automatically controlled by computer with the fuel of liquefied petroleum gas, which can reach up to 360 degrees. The refractory is fully and evenly dried and the water of crystallization can be completely even dried, so as to avoid the occurrences of microcrack due to high residual moisture in the refractory or even red-hot and burn through happened during the operation. Thereby, the product performance of our tuyere stock assembly is ensured being safe and reliable .Up to now, the company has obtained 4 product patents in tuyere stock assembly.

Tuyere Stock Assembly:

Design Pressure:0.3MPa~0.65 MPa
Design Temperature:1350℃
Application:For 450m3~5500 m3 Blast Furnace


1. Simplified structure and light weight. Each part is produced according to the practical requirements and easy to replace so as to meet the requirement of quick replacement in front of the furnace; the elbow spherical surface which seals up with the connecting pipe adopts removable spherical interface block to make the elbow be easily replaced and service life can be extended.

2. The sealed spherical surface adopts high temperature resistance composite materials to resistant 1350℃ high-temperature oxidation. The profile modeling technique is used to ensure seal precision.

3. Mechanical vibrating method is used for ramming refractory liner to make the liner be dense and credible. Especially, we use fiber refractory liner for the belly pipe to ensure the liner do not fall off at the weak link of coal injection interface and remain long service life.

4. Adopting YHL heat insulation material to make the surface temperature of tuyere stock 100℃ lower than the old
equipment so as to increase the temperature of intake air and realize energy saving.

5. High temperature resistance metal cladding washer is used at the flange connecting surface to reduce the leakage of device in middle & latter period.


Three-dimensional Drawing
Tuyere Stock Assembly

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